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Are you looking for the solutions to your relationship difficulties? Throughout our website you will discover powerful and proven tools to help you overcome those challenging times with much needed personal support and guidance.
We will help you to put yourself in the driving seat and take control of your life, making it what you want it to be.


It takes both of you to work through the challenges


We all need a helping hand when we face relationship ...

Moving Forward

Embrace your fears and find your freedom

Your Love Language

How do you show love? Understanding you and your partner

You Matter

Believe you matter because you do. Embrace you in your ...


You can survive, feel more empowered and make yourself happy

Over 20 Years of Experience

“It’s certainly an issue which resonates with a large number of women! I am sure The MANScript will be a great success” Dear Deirdre

Dear Deidre - Agony Aunt for The Sun and This Morning.

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Top 10 Waterstones Books In Relationships And Marriage


People to Move Forward and Be Happy


Top 10 Amazon Books in Relationships

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Oct 20, 2018

Why do I constantly search for proof?

Why do I constantly search for proof? – Social Media. Victoria and I both struggle ...
Sep 20, 2018


SpacesSitting in Starbucks once again, sipping on our coffees with the pups at our feet, ...
Aug 20, 2018

Why do you keep going back?

Looking across the table at the strong young woman that I am so proud to ...

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